Busy mind chatter driving you nuts?

 I’m delighted to be joined today by Caroline Petrie of the Coaching Tree. Caroline is going to talk you through a simple and elegant technique for creating an oasis of quiet space in your mind.

Ahh, that’s better!

Noisy mind chatter can be exhausting.

Feel like clapping your hands over your ears and yelling QUIET!!?

100% Understandable. Yet. That rarely does the trick. More likely than not, you end up in a slanging match with yourself.

And, that never does you – or anyone else -a ha’penny of any good.

“But, Jan, I just don’t have time to watch a video. I’m too busy!!”

Right. Sure, there’s always something you could choose to do instead. After all, listening to yourself can be a big heap of scary.

I mean, what might your hear if you create a space of calm, quiet in your mind?

Perhaps, just perhaps, the very thing that you’ve been trying to tell yourself. But you couldn’t hear it for all the background noise. Hmm.

Would you like to quieten the whirlwind of thoughts swirling around in your head?

If yes. not pull up a chair and watch as Caroline shares with you a simple, elegant and liberating way of doing just that.

Caroline Petrie is a Career & Personal Development Coach who helps people successfully negotiate their way through life’s transitions, shining a light on the road ahead so they can confidently and purposefully embrace the best of life and the best of themselves.