changing migraine

pilot group online program

14 June – 23 July 2021
Join us and find your own way to move beyond migraine, have fun and discover something surprising about you!.

pilot program is go!


We are now in full test mode for Changing Migraine Pilot Group Program.

The pilot program is now full. Want to know what we’re up to? Take a look below.

changing migraine pilot online group program

A Fresh Approach

“I’ve tried lots of things that only made a temporary difference; I’m ready for a fresh approach.”

Dealing with migraine frustration

Feel Confident

“I want to know that even with symptoms I’ll be okay because I’ll know what to do.”

Hello Brain, Meet Body

Goodbye Trigger Hunting

“I want to quit juggling my life around migraine, but I don’t know where to start.”

Dealing with migraine frustration

Express Yourself

“The migraine story I hear everywhere else isn’t my story, I want to talk to someone who speaks my language.”

Confident plans

“I love making plans but migraine is always on my mind and I don’t how to change it.”

Hello Brain, Meet Body

Travel Light

“I”m scared of being ‘found out’, but I don’t know how to let it go.”

What are we testing?

A 6-week active program at the right pace with methods proven to work. Clear modules that each week build upon each other.

Gain the knowledge and skills that will help you now and in the future, too. Plus, gain the time to practice.

Private Facebook Group

A small, supportive group of a maximum of 20 participants. The place to access all the info, share progress and celebrate successes – big and small.

Exercises, Plans & Templates

Clear and easy to use resources that support you to put into practice your new knowledge.

6 live group calls

Once a week we’ll all get together for live ZOOM call. A mix of live coaching and celebration of your successes whether big or small – all are valuable!

Restoring Regular Tempo Techniques

I’ve got 4 great techniques for restoring regular tempo to your nervous system. Plus my own method that super-boosts their effectiveness. I may even throw in an extra one. Let’s see what happens on this pilot program!

Bunch of Videos & Audios

Clear, concise videos and audios. For you to watch and listen to in your own time. Revisit them throughout the program whenever you choose.

Thank you gift

Did I mention your Thank You gift? When the program goes live to the public, you’ll receive free, lifetime access to the program’s resource library.

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Top 6 most Asked questions

Will this cure migraine?

My approach supports you to set aside the restrictions that right now takes up too much of your space and time.

Although as yet there is no cure, you’ll feel more at ease even with symptoms – you’ll understand why and you’ll know what to do.

Am I the right person?

I need guinea pigs at this party to test how this works in a group. What does a guinea pig look like?

Comfortable with giving me your honest reflections. And comfortable with this being a new thing that isn’t 100% perfect- just yet!

If this isn’t the right time for you to be a tester for this program, we’ll be going live later in the year – it’d be wonderful to have you on that.

It is the right time for you? Great! Join us now.

Is this therapy?

This Pilot Program is not therapy, it’s coaching – empowering you to confidently put into practice what you discover.

Week by week you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need. What you bring with you is your active participation.

Will I be symptoms tracking?

No. Well, that was straight to the point. The focus of all my work is not about symptoms.


I get that may seem counter-intuitive, but all I ask is you trust in the process and do the work.

You can keep a brief note of symptoms in your Really Helpful Migraine Journal, but that’s it.

will I be trigger hunting?

If you’re expecting advice on what to eat, what not to eat, a sleep routine, trigger hunts, symptom monitoring, eating enough celery until your pee turns green, this isn’t that place.

Instead, you’ll discover why and how to step confidently away from trigger hunting.

What do you mean by give a testimonial
If you have a positive and supportive experience, I’m asking that you share a testimonial. Because of my way of working with clients, individual stories are not only helpful, but essential. Your story will help other people. We all love stories.

It is your choice of how you share your testimonial story. In writing only, in writing with a photo of you, in a video. Likewise, you get to choose whether you want it to be anonymous, your initials only, just your first name or your first and last name. It’s your story, your choice