Changing migraine pilot online group program

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General FAQs

Why is this a Pilot Program?

Why am I doing this? Because creating and offering an online group program means I can help many more people than I can working only one-to-one. I believe this online group program will help, but I want to test it out.

And why now? Because I’d love to never hear again people with migraine being told to live more boring lives of regimented sleep routines, dull diets and the rest.

How much time do i need to commit?

Your time commitment will be 30 minutes a day. Sometimes this will be less, sometimes this may be a little more. Don’t worry that’s not 30 minutes with me every day!

Your practice will be a ten minute focus on yourself each day that I’m asking you to commit to.
And up to 20 minutes (sometimes less on some days) of learning through the instructional and support videos/materials. Plus a 1-hour interactive group ZOOM call each week. This interactive call is your opportunity to ask me your questions about the exercises and techniques and for us all to come together at the same time.

All the exercises and techniques are designed to fit into spaces in your everyday life. Allowing you to integrate them seamlessly – no need to head to a mountain top or retreat to a cave to do the work and build your practice.

What is the Pilot Program Informed Consent Agreement?

You can read the full details of the Pilot Online Group Program Informed Consent Agreement at this link.

What happens why I sign up?

In the run-up to the start of the program (14th June 2021) I’ll send you an email, once a week tops, with articles & videos that you can choose to look through, if you wish. This will include your invite to book your Feedback ZOOM call with me.

You can, of course, unsubscribe to these emails at any time.

How is the pilot program delivered?

The Pilot Online Group Program will be delivered and accessed by a private Facebook Group.

You’ll receive your invite to join our private Facebook group five days before we start on the 14th June 2021. But, please note that the Group won’t be live and active until Monday 14th June!

The Facebook Group opens 8am (BST) Monday 14th June. Some resource materials may be hosted on my website livebeyondmigraine.com. For those resources I’ll post a handy link in the Facebook Group.

Who is the right person for this pilot program?

I need guinea pigs at this party to test how this works in a group. What does a guinea pig look like?

Comfortable with giving me your honest reflections. And comfortable with this being a new thing that isn’t 100% perfect- just yet!

If this isn’t the right time for you to be a tester for this program, we’ll be going live later in the year – it’d be wonderful to have you on that.

It is the right time for you? Great! Join us now.

Migraine-related FAQs


My approach supports you to set aside the restrictions that right now take up so much of your space and time.

Migraine is a neurological condition. Although as yet there is no cure, you’ll feel more at ease even with symptoms – you’ll understand why and you’ll know what to do.

Will I Be trigger hunting?

If you’re expecting advice on what to eat, what not to eat, a sleep routine, trigger hunts, symptom monitoring, eating enough celery until your pee turns green, this isn’t that place. Instead, you’ll discover why and how to step confidently away from trigger hunting.

Will there be medical advice?

No. There will be no swapping of medical notes, treatments nor medications by participants. This is not what this program, group and space is about. There are tons of other places that do this, but this is not one of them.

IS this therapy?

This Pilot Program is not therapy, it’s coaching. You need to bring your active participation. Week by week you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need.

Empowering you to confidently put into practice what you are about to discover. Now. And in the future.

Will I be symptoms tracking?

No. Well, that was straight to the point. The focus of this program (the same as my 1-to-1 Recover You Program) is not symptoms.


I get that may seem counter-intuitive, but all I ask is you trust in the process and do the work. You can keep a brief note of symptoms in your Really Helpful Journal, but that’s it.

Private FaceBook Group FAQs

I'm excited about this one thing that helped me. Can I share it with the group?

Great that you have something that helps you. But this is not the place to share. There is a scientific basis to my work grounded in over ten years of training, practice and in-depth experience. I have put all of that into the creation of this pilot Online Group Program. I ask that you trust the process, do the work and build your practice.

Yikes! Why all the Facebook Group rules about not sharing 3rd party stuff?

Good question. My answer? Because there are reasons grounded in science and 1000’s of hours of training, practice and experience behind this Program. There are plenty of places to share celery eating tips (and the rest), but this is not one of them. This is a fresh approach.

You may find your current understanding, beliefs and expectations are challenged to begin with. That’s okay, many people do. All I ask is that you trust in the process, do the work and build your practice.

Do I get to keep the materials?

Yes and no. Some materials and resources I’ll make available for you to download and keep. These may include PDFs and audio recordings. These will be available either in the Facebook Group or via a link posted to my website. I ask that you do not download the videos.

How will I know if I'm doing the techniques right?

Each technique and exercise will be explained and demonstrated either by video, audio or written document. You get to ask questions within the private Facebook Group and once a week we get together as a group on an interactive ZOOM call where you can ask me your questions.

You’ll be practicing throughout the six weeks of the Pilot Program, building your skills and confidence along the way.

What if I can't make the group ZOOM call?

I’d love you to take part in the weekly ZOOM call. But, I know sometimes stuff may get in the way. Each ZOOM call will be recorded and shared in the Group so you can watch it later.

If work schedule or time zone means can’t be on the actual call, you can still be involved. Simply ask your questions beforehand. And, watch the call on catch-up

Why are the weekly group calls on ZOOM and not Facebook Live?

We be meeting on ZOOM because it allows everyone to participate whereas Facebook Live is more of a “broadcast” option.

Cost FAQs

How much does the pilot program cost?

The cost for being a member of this Pilot Online Group Program is:
Admin fee of £39.
Your active participation.
Give a testimonial (if you’ve had a supportive and positive experience).
One 15 minute Feedback Zoom call with Jan Southern to share your thoughts on the pilot program.
Complete a quick online follow-up survey 3 weeks after the Pilot program finishes.

What's the ZOOM feedback call?

Well, I’d like at least 15 minutes of your time please! In the weeks after the Pilot program finishes (23rd July 2021), you and I will have a video chat by ZOOM.

This is your time to share with me your experience of the program. I want this Program to help many, many more people. Your feedback will help me do just that. You won’t upset me by sharing your constructive feedback. Pinkie promise! .

The call will be recorded, but it’s not for sharing – it’s so that I can really concentrate on listening to you during our chat. And afterwards I can listen again as I know you’ll say lots of helpful and interesting stuff.

When you join the pilot program, I’ll get in touch by email so that we can set a time and date for your feedback call.

What If I'm unwell on the date of my feedback zoom call?

We’ll arrange it for another day.

What If I change my mind and want to cancel?

I know that sometimes things change and you wish to cancel. That’s okay there is a 14-day cooling off period after you sign up in which you may cancel this agreement. If you cancel within this 14-day cooling off period you will receive a full refund of the admin fee.

The numbers of participants accepted on to the Pilot program are being kept small to create a supportive test environment. If you don’t think this is right you or the right time for you, that’s okay. All I ask is that you give yourself time to think if you want to be a tester on this Pilot Online Program before signing up.

What does the admin fee cover?

The small admin fee does not cover my time or the resources I’m going to share with you. It goes towards covering admin and technical support for the Pilot Program.

What do YOU mean by give a testimonial?

If you have a positive and supportive experience, I’m asking that you share that with me as a testimonial. Why? Because people, just like you, right now are wanting help to move beyond migraine, too. Your story will help them. We all love stories.

It is your choice of how you share your testimonial/story. In writing only, in writing with a photo of you, in a video. Likewise, you get to choose whether you want it to be anonymous, your initials only, just your first name or your first and last name. It’s your story, your choice.

What's the post-pilot program survey?

Three weeks after the pilot program I’ll send you a link to a short online survey. I’d love to know what you have noticed since completing the pilot program. Anything that you are doing differently now, how have you kept up with your practice – that sort of thing and anything you’d like to share with me.

There’s another reason too; when we make changes sometimes we can forget how far we’ve come. This is one more opportunity to stop, reflect and notice change.


When the online group program is launched to the public, as a Thank You for participating fully in this pilot program you’ll receive free, lifetime access to the program resource library.