move beyond migraine


Don’t believe you have to be more boring to move beyond migraine!

From the get go, I knew I had to make my migraine program work for many more people. I’d spent far too many years myself banging my head against a wall of frustration (and, sometimes, a literal one – thanks pain!) to work only with people 1-2-1.

Yet, I kept tripping over the same two obstacles.

First, working with my 1-2-1 clients, I don’t a follow a formulaic method that I can simply pick up and translate to a group. I needed to sit myself down and tease out the multitude of interwoven threads into a collection of discrete yet integrated elements.

That’s what I did.

In 2019, I began writing a book on my approach to migraine. Many note books & post-it notes later, I had corralled the moving pieces into a coherent yet flexible process.

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Second, I didn’t want something rigid and unresponsive. That’s not my way. Could I bring a flavour of adaptability into a group?

Well, I think I’ve got that sorted. Now, I want to test it. That’s where you come in!

Wondering what a guinea pig looks like?

You’re comfortable giving me your honest reflections.

And comfortable with this being a new thing that isn’t 100% perfect- just yet!

The 6-week program is based on my 12 years of working with my clients. It’s fun. It’s active. And, all based in rigorous research, scientific principles and solid experience.

Want to take part?

Grand. Take a look HERE for all info.

ps – I’m keeping this pilot online group program small, with a maximum of 20 people. Join us today.