Are You Addicted To Busyness?

Feeling brave?

OK. Moment of truth time. Is this you?

Ever walked along a busy street, phone in hand, head down, not looking where you’re going and expecting everyone around you to shift out of your way?

Ever walked through a magically opened door without so much as a nod in the direction of the person holding it open for you?

Ever set off while the lights are on amber, beeping at the pedestrian who’s ‘slowing you down’?

If you took a deep breath and said a quiet “Gulp, yes”, then I’d bet my dinner that it isn’t because you’re a bad person.

In fact, I’d bet my dinner and pudding, that it’s because you’ve got that 21st century syndrome – “Busyness”. And in that, you’re far from being alone.

What do I mean by “busyness”?

Those moments, hours, days where –

Your mind races ahead of you.
You think over & over what you have to do,
You fret over what you should have done.

When busyness appears you’re no longer present.

The next time you’re out having coffee, sit in the window and watch. See how many people rush by with their heading sticking out forward away from the rest of their body.

Lots of people do this but it doesn’t actually get them there any faster. It’s just that their busy mind thinks that it does. Busyness fills up the quiet space. It can makes us feel we’re achieving.

“Look at all the things I must do”, we say to ourselves, “I’ve no time for walking to work, going for a swim, taking time out, for looking after myself”.

My question at the start was genuine. It can feel scary at first to stop, listen and be present.

If you got your time back from busyness, what would you make space for in your life?