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12-week 1-to-1 program

You deserve to love, eat, play and work – just like anyone else.* Discover how with Jan Southern. 1-to-1 program via tele-therapy.

*ps – the science agrees.

Juggling your life around migraine?

It’s time for a fresh approach

Why Recover You Works

My migraine approach doesn’t tell you to live a more boring life. You know the one where you’re told to cut back and do less and less..

Recover You program empowers you to regulate your nervous system AND confidently add back into your life the things that you love to do. Live with greater flexibility and choice.




What you’ll get

RECOVER YOU is my 12-week migraine program. A real life approach. Designed to fit into your life. No need to retreat to a mountain top. RECOVER YOU works in three simple stages: Regulate, Consolidate and Enhance. Here’s how it works. 



Your brain and nervous system is not sensitive to change. It thrives on variety, just like you do. It’s simply working differently. Discover how to regulate your nervous system with science-based techniques. Designed by me for even the busiest of lives.

Solve what really activates your nervous system. (No trigger hunting.)

Develop your practice of regulating your nervous system.

Achieve peace of mind even with symptoms. You’ll know what to do.

Understand how your body and nervous system works.

Create your Replenish Plan to support you through migraine symptoms. 

Weeks 1-6. Six weekly one hour sessions by video call with Jan Southern



 This is your time to enjoy flexing your wings. Practice while quietly in the background, sustained change takes place. 

Purposely inbuilt into the 12-week program, this week helps you best consolidate the changes you are already making. Giving you the time and space to reflect and celebrate how far you have come.  

Weeks 7 – Your free time to reflect, consolidate and spend as you choose.



Enhance regulating your nervous system by bringing flexibility and choice into your life. Super-boost the regulation process. Confidently spend your energy, passion and creativity doing more of what you love.

Make friends with your body (perhaps for the first time).

Create your own rhythm of living.

Discover and enjoy time for fun.

Attain release from it always being on your mind.

Build you practice of regulating your nervous system.

Weeks 8-12: Five weekly one hour sessions by video call with Jan Southern

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You’ve tried lots of other things that at best only make a temporary difference

real life stories

I wasn’t looking to start a new regime of therapy – I had in fact almost resigned myself to a lifetime of just coping with a relentless cycle of unexplainable headaches. I say resigned but actually I was just regressing into an ever more decreasing shadow of my former life. If that sounds dark, well, that’s how it was.

However, there has been so much improvement in my physical and mental wellbeing I sometimes can’t quite believe it – Jan has literally given me my life back. Although there are still some activities I may have to avoid in the future, I can do so much more now and the headaches, when they come, if they come, are of a much shorter duration and much less intense.

If you’ve ever had to endure a migraine that lasted 9 days, a headache that lasts less than 24 hours is a phenomenal improvement and I cannot praise Jan highly enough. She has a lovely manner, funny, warm but also professional and I trust her implicitly to do what’s right for me.


If your migraines impact your life even a little, and you want to make a change and take control then Jan is the person you should contact. I cannot recommend Jan’s approach to dealing with migraines highly enough. My only regret is that I did not work with her earlier.

I thought that my migraines simply were not bad enough to warrant her expertise – really crazy considering I was fighting symptoms more days than not last year. My migraines vary from exploding head with nausea and flashing lights in my eyes to being really dizzy with no pain, with smelling imaginary scents (sounds innocuous but can be really annoying), losing words and of course the brain fog of pre-drome, post-drome and medication-drome.

Jan’s programme at the start of 2020 has changed my life. My symptoms and full blown migraines are less than a tenth of what they were. Furthermore when I do have symptoms, even an exploding head event, I recover quicker and I have better coping strategies. I hesitate to say coping strategies because previously that meant, take tablets and grit my teeth through the day because I could not keep missing work (which I love by the way).

Now it feels like I understand how my mind and body create and deal with pain (and the world), and I have techniques to work with both of them to enjoy life more

Karen Leigh Anderson

“This work has created a platform for a lasting solution to free me from mind numbing drugs, painful neck, and the frequent migraine clusters after several years of a worsening condition – an amazing result.”


*name changed at client request

recover you

Program fee £3000

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