Please read my Social Media Policy. To download a PDF version, please scroll down to the end of the page and click on the button.

Social Media is a fantastic tool that helps people get informed and engaged. I use social media for my practice and in an effort to be completely transparent with you, I have developed this policy so you understand how I use social media in my practice.

If you have any questions about my policy, I encourage you to bring them up when we meet. As technology develops and changes, there may be times when I need to update this policy. If I do so, I will post the policy online and inform you of the changes in our session.

The basis for this policy is to truly protect our relationship and your confidentiality in session. Let’s talk about confidentiality for a moment. You are the person that can decide what you want to keep confidential. I must keep my relationship with you completely confidential except in cases of where you might harm yourself or others. You get to decide what you choose to tell people. You have a choice as to what you reveal about yourself online, however I will not reveal my connection to you.

To respect your privacy and confidentiality, I do not accept friend requests on my personal Facebook page, or any other social networking site, from current or former clients. I believe that adding clients as friends on these site can compromise your confidentiality and our respective privacy. If you have any questions about this, please bring them up when we meet.

You may ‘like’ my Facebook business page. If you do ‘like’ my page, you are choosing to reveal that you are connected to me in some way. Thus, if you post on my page, you are opening up the possibility of people inferring about our relationship or asking you about your connection to me. My business pages exists to be a place for information and inspiration. I will not ever engage in conversations relating to your sessions with me on that page. However, if you find the page helpful then that’s great!

I sometimes publish a blog on my website. I have no expectation that clients will want to follow my blog or Twitter stream. You are welcome to use your discretion in choosing whether to follow me. I will not follow you back. I mainly follow other health professionals and business-related streams. I do not follow the personal blogs or Twitter streams of current or former clients. My upmost concern is to protect your privacy in regards to our therapeutic relationship.

I will offer you the option to receive updates and newsletters that are sent directly from me. In this manner, your privacy is kept absolute and no-one else can see that we are connected in a therapeutic relationship.

Please do not use messaging on social networking sites site as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to contact me. These sites are not confidential and I may not read these message in a timely fashion. The best way to contact me is via email

If you need to contact me by phone my number is +44 (0) 755 407 0770.

I will do my best to answer your email and or voice message with within 48 hours, during normal office hours Monday through Friday.

Business Review Sites
You may find my practice on sites such as Google, Bing, Yelp or other business listings. Many of these sites comb search engines for business listing and automatically add listings without the owner’s permission. If you should find my practice on one of these sites, please note that it is NOT a request from me for a testimonial or rating from you as my client. If you do choose to write something on one of these listings, please keep in mind that you are sharing personal information in a public forum. Please also note that I will not respond to any reviews, whether positive or negative.

My Website Testimonials
I may ask if you would like to provide a testimonial for my own website. This is completely a voluntary decision to be made by you and you only. If you agree, I will provide you with a form where you give your permission to specify exactly how you want to share your information and the ways in which I may use it. If you have provided me with a testimonial, you may request at any time that I cease to use it and delete it from my website.

Out in the Real World
If we should ‘bump’ into one another in the real world, I will not acknowledge you or speak with you unless you chose to make contact (nod, say hello etc). This is solely to respect your privacy and confidentiality. I’ll not be offended in the least if you chose not to acknowledge me. If you do choose to say ‘hello’, I’ll not ask you how you are or discussed your sessions. This isn’t because I don’t care but because it wouldn’t be the best place for that conversation. If either you or I are with another person, I’ll not acknowledge you in any way, as this can lead to questions as to how we know one another.

Social Media Privacy Policy