changing migraine

wellness program

February 2022
Join us and find your own way to move beyond migraine, have fun and discover something surprising about you!.

Changing Migraine  Program

Positive & active 10-week program.

Discover how YOUR brain creates and deals with pain.

Learn how to restore nervous system regulation.

Avoid falling back into old, unhelpful patterns.

Make time for you – guilt-free!.

Under wraps – Coming Soon!

(Sneak Preview below)

A Fresh Approach

“I’ve tried lots of things that only made a temporary difference; I’m ready for a fresh approach.”

Dealing with migraine frustration

Feel Confident

“I want to know that even with symptoms I’ll be okay because I’ll know what to do.”

Hello Brain, Meet Body

Goodbye Trigger Hunting

“I want to quit juggling my life around migraine, but I don’t know where to start.”

Dealing with migraine frustration

Express Yourself

“The migraine story I hear everywhere else isn’t my story, I want to talk to someone who speaks my language.”

Confident plans

“I love making plans but migraine is always on my mind and I don’t how to change it.”

Hello Brain, Meet Body

Travel Light

“I”m scared of being ‘found out’, but I don’t know how to let it go.”