my story

how did i get here?

I trained as an environmental scientist inspired by my childhood love of nature and Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’. So, how did I end up here? Helping not only my own migraine experience, but that of other people too. Perhaps somewhere in the mix, I had this sense that I can make a difference – in my life and in others.

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grand plans

When I left high school in the 1980’s I didn’t have a grand plan. What I did have was a clear sense of what I loved and what was important to me: the natural world and wanting to make a difference.

Environmental science was right up my street; creating solutions to complex and interconnected systems by researching all the options and figuring out how to do thing differently.

I soon realised though there was more to it than that. I was working with people and I needed to get them on side. Working out how I could best engage their enthusiastic involvement was fascinating.

But, what I enjoyed the most was supporting people to make the changes they wanted to bring to life. I loved that part so much so that I wanted to connect with people even more in a different way.

new steps

In 2008, I stepped out and retrained. Little knowing what I was about to achieve for transforming my own migraine experience and that of my future clients.

I trained in massage therapy. Why did I choose that?

Perhaps wanting to change the world, one person at a time. Encouraging people to be kinder to themselves.

Although, perhaps my choice isn’t so surprising. After all, our bodies are complex interconnected systems that are part of a world of complex systems.

In 2009 I opened my practice. People with chronic pain found their way to my door. Along the way my curiosity got snagged. Could I apply my scientific training to see if my new work could help my own migraine?

I made some progress, but I was frustrated. Then, during one bout of symptoms, I had my lightbulb moment. A memory from childhood floated up.

As a kid I got terrible stomach aches. Perhaps now they’d be called abdominal migraines?

The only thing I found that helped me was pretending to be Mr Spock from Star Trek. (You can read that story here). That got me thinking.

What if just as the world is complex and there are no simple answers, it’s the same for migraine? There’s something else going on here and I need to figure it out.

I delved into how the brain creates pain, putting my learning into practice on myself. Creating my method until I had something that I could share with other people to make a difference. Other people, who like me, have migraine.

Creating the future

In 2017, people who didn’t live near to Edinburgh started getting in touch. What could I do to help? Could I take my method online to help more people? And still deliver my method to meet their needs?

I sat down and rethought everything. Breaking down and reconstructing my work, I adapted my method so that it still meets my clients’ goals.

Working online via video call is more subtle.

What I noticed more and more is the importance of the emotion aspect of my work. How our body responds on an emotional level and how that influences pain. Wanting to understand more, I qualified as a Somatic Trauma Therapist, adding a new depth and richness to my method.


Helping You

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