Manage Migraine Better. Live Life Better.

“Phenomenal! From 9-day migraine to 1-day headache. Thanks to Jan, I have my life back.” SM

migraine and you

Migraine is a condition that impacts you and your life.

On the outside everything looks great. But, deep inside it’s a different story.

I’m Jan Southern, my aim is to help you learn how to manage your migraine & get on with enjoying life.

Self-empowerment to love, live & work your way. However that looks.

keeping it real

Your life is hectic. Migraine is complex.
Figuring it out by yourself is hard work.

You don’t have to struggle. I’m here to help you.

Migraines have been part of my life for over 20 years but, that doesn’t make endless days in a dark room any easier or less disruptive to my career or family life.

Changing Migraine Wellness Program has taught me to think differently about migraine. I’ve learnt the importance of making time for myself and techniques that help me relax. As a result, I have had less migraines. I really enjoyed the program and working with Jan.

Kirsty M


Changing Migraine Program February 2022

Laughing with Friends, Walking under a clear blue sky

Find Your Time Program 22nd – 26th November 2021

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