Live beyond migraine

“Phenomenal! From 9-day migraine to 1-day headache. Thanks to Jan, I have my life back.” SM

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keeping it real

Life is hectic. Migraine is complex.
Figuring it out alone is confusing. Coping is life-shrinking.

It can change. I can help you.

Live the life you love with greater choice & flexibility. Discover how with my RECOVER YOU program.

meet jan

Migraine is a condition that impacts YOU and YOUR life. Limiting your spontaneity, your choices. Yet what happens? You’re told to avoid stress, stick to sleep routines and eat a dull diet.

I’m Jan Southern and my ethos is the solution shouldn’t mean turning your life upside down.

The lifestyle change you do need is to do more of what you love with greater ease each day. While there is no cure for the condition, it is possible to reduce the impact it has on you . The science agrees.

You’ve coped brilliantly so far, but at a hidden cost. Losing time, missing out. You are ready to make the change. You just don’t know how to do that. I am here to help.

RECOVER YOU is my 12-week life-affirming migraine program. Empowering you to regulate your nervous system AND love, play and work with the carefree confidence that you deserve. 


No more juggling your life to fit around migraine. Choose what you want to do, when you want.


Where ever you are in the world. Via tele-therapy video calls.


 Working at your pace over 12-weeks. With an inbuilt rest week to consolidate your practice.


You’ve been waiting long enough. It’s time to discover how Recover You is right for you.

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